Make work mean more

Competing with big banks, tech giants and startups, Vanquis needed an extra edge in the war for talent. So they asked us to deliver a following campaign that would attract potential candidates to follow their careers accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Employer Brand Awareness

500 Organic Followers

5K Paid Followers

1.2K Engagements

250 Reactions

Employees at the frontier

Vanquis wanted to demonstrate that it’s the people who work there who “make work mean more”, so we adapted employee photographs into colourful creative that could be used to generate followers across paid and organic activity.


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Social Media Marketing


Short, direct and scroll-interrupting, the final product was a series of dynamic text & image motion graphics that drastically increased the presence of Vanquis’ employer brand on social media.


Vanquis didn’t want just anyone following their social media feeds. We helped them create a distinct skillset profile and then translated that into organic and paid targeting to ensure that the followers Vanquis earned were people who they could potentially hire in future.